Wednesday, June 10, 2009

False Advertising

Commercial for the new 3rd Generation Toyota Prius:

I like the ad and its creative use of people (parts of it were disturbing, especially the waterfall) but I'm sorry, a Toyota Prius is not "Harmony between man, nature, and machine."

There's only a handful of truly carbon-free ways for man to travel: sailing, pogo stick (heh), walking, surfing, and bicycling. Of those, only bicycling offers true "harmony" between man, nature, and machine and can go to the same places Prius can go.

Not that I'm digging on the Prius, but come on. Even if it is the cleanest, most effecient vehicle in the world, it's still a single passenger car that requires enormous infrastructure and space to support (think parking lots, highway interchanges etc).

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