Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Ride

The soul cyclist couldn't find anyone to ride with this weekend, so, once again, he rode alone.

My destination this time was an old favorite. It's a small desert community called Agua Dulce (Sweet Water) is northern Los Angeles County. You've probably never heard of it but you've seen AD's most striking feature in dozens of movie and television shows. That's right, AD is home to the Vasquez Rocks:

From Agua Dulce Ride

The Rocks, as they're known locally, have most famously appeared in several Star Trek episodes, including the latest JJ Abrams flick.

Anyway, riding to AD offers some moderate climbs, stunning scenery, well-maintained tarmacs, and lots of opportunities for speed. All told it's about a 40 mile round-trip making for a moderately tough way to spend a few hours.

I felt strong for most of the ride but I had to stop for breakfast once I made it to Agua Dulce. Just a bit hungry after fighting my way up those hills and chasing/passing a few cyclists.

If you live in the LA Region, it's definitely worth a trip. I recommend you head up Highway 14 and park at the Newhall Avenue park and ride. Or, if you fancy having a car-free trip, take the Antelope Valley Metrolink line to the Newhall or Santa Clarita stations.

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