Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My new Seven, sidelined for now

I was so excited to post pictures of my new Seven Alaris on discussion forums around the web. Everyone likes to show off their new bicycle on BikeForums and other sites, and now it was my turn.

So I cleaned the Seven up, chose a scenic spot near my parents house, and got all jiggy with depth of field:Then I went over to Ars Technica and posted the pics, which turned out pretty well considering I didn't have my DSLR. Great light, hot Ti frame, cool looking bottle water holders and more.

It took about 2.5 minutes for someone to respond to my pictures and sarcastically ask, "ummm, does your bike shop charge extra for crankset bolts on your new $4,000 bike?"


Indeed, the new Seven is missing a crankset bolt. Perhaps this explains why it's already lost the chain twice.

I'm counting the hours until Bicycle John's opens tomorrow.

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