Monday, June 22, 2009

Lance Armstrong wins Nevada City Classic

It's his first pro victory since un-retiring and comes just a few weeks before the start of the Tour de France.

The Nevada City Classic is a 1.1 mile course with only 120 feet of elevation gain according to Velo News:

The seven-time Tour de France champion went it alone with six laps to race, taking a lead of a dozen seconds as he churned out 2.5-minute laps on the 1.1-mile, seven-turn circuit with 120 feet of climbing per go-round.

Here's a good video of the race from YouTube. Zoom forward to about 3:20 to see Lance, Levi and Ben Jacques-Mayne duke it out

No video yet of him crossing the line, so this will have to do.

Here's what Chris Horner had to say about Lance's ride:

Alone up front, Lance was putting on a display of power that no one could respond to, and the crowd lining the course was going crazy, loving every minute of the show. Everyone knew that they were seeing a preview of what could be ahead at next month's Tour de France.

Lance rode across the finish line solo, which any rider will tell you is the best way to win. Levi finished third, and I think I was fifth, but with all the lapped riders it was getting hard to tell who was where.

I'm getting excited for the start of the TdF. So many questions and unknowns, should be a great show.

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